Juz for fun..

I’ve juz read a book titled ‘Macarin Anjing’..

Sounds weird huh?!

First, I opened the book,

I was surprised bcoz of the diction..

The writer used kinda abusive word for joking..

Some looked funny..

But, some of them was really rude for teenage literature..

Juz read some of those n think it urself..

“Ha ha, dan kalo kita menyesuaikan hidup kita sekarang ini kayak Teori Evolusi Charles Darwin, pelan-pelan semua cewek bertampang alhamdulillah sampe tampang idup-aja-udah-syukur bakal tersingkir dari bumi ini. Mereka, makhluk-makhluk berkaki jenjang dan bertampang provokatif, akan menghabisi populasi kita, cewek-cewek jelek! Kita akan punah – ngikutin jejak salamander!!!”

And this novel talked about 15 reason why a dog is better than a man, n here are the lists :

  • Dogs do not have prolems expresing affection in public.

  • Doga miss you when you’ve gone.

  • Dogs feel guilt when they’ve done something wrong.

  • Dogs don’t brag about whom they’ve slept with.

  • Dogs don’t criticize your friends.

  • Dog’s admit it when they’re jealous.

  • Dogs don’t feel threatened by your intelligence.

  • Dogs undersatand what ‘no’means.

  • You can home train a dog.

  • Middle-aged dogs don’t eel to abandon you for a youngr owner.

  • Dogs son’t mind if you do all the driving.

  • Dogs don’t step on the imaginary brake.

  • Dogs admit it when they’re lost.

  • Dogs can’t feel threatened if you earn money than they do.

  • Dogs mean it when they kiss you.

or maybe a comment from one of the reader of the lists (story from the novel) which wrote stuff as an agreement.

Daftarnya masih kurang!!! Alasan keenam belas : sejorok-joroknya anjing masih lebih jorokan cowok. Bersendawa, suka ngupil dan nempelin upilnya di bawah meja, dan bawah kursi angkot. Yuck!

And it was ended with a list which contrary with the lists above.

1. Ciuman anjing NGGAK AKAN pernah bisa ngalahin ciuman hot cowok.

Buktinya? Pengalaman pribadi dong, ah… J


Oh my dear..

I hope the publisher had a good reason why did they keep publising the book??

Or maybe it was that easy to get money from writing??

Then I’ll look for the answer ‘why’..

This is not about a-must-read-book, but it’s about why we have to think beside read any kind of things. We can’t juz let the writer force theirs to us. Why? Because we have so many writings to read, so many idea, ideology were offered. Don’t let anybody imprison your intelligence even from writings!!!

So, learn from writings and read to write another!!

Keep reading and writing!!


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