Memorable ever..

Dear mom and dad..
As time goes by..
Year by year, I have you getting older than before..
And I do too..
Till I’m twenty something,
I have never give you anything unless difficculty..
I always said to myself,
“Mayda, your parents are going older and older, why don’t you preparing yourself for your future? You can’t just lean against your father’s hands or crying on your mom’s shoulder always..!!”
But then, I realized its always about the long journey and it takes time..
There’s always risks waiting..
But, this is why I’m here..
I’m going to be a big girl, a woman, a someone, for me..
There’s always be my dream..
Someone to be proud of to my family..
To all of you..
My lovely family..

I asked god to bring you a peacefull life, health, happiness, patience, anything you desire, all the good thing is in your way..
From me and my brothers,
We’re promise to you to give you proudness and anything as you invest for..
Thanks for the time when we first cried, when we opened our eyes, when we first walked and run, when we had your shoulder ours, when we had your advice ours, when you always be ‘best parents ever’ in every second of us..
Thanks for the chance to be your liltle child, chance to grow up in the sufficiency and even more, chance to have our own decision, chance to be both sophisticated woman outside and strong man inside..
Thanks for all the topics we had, a really good one to get shared, and also a good listeners too..
Well, there’s no more we could give unless ‘a big amount of thanks’ and ‘a large bunch of sorry’ for keeping us here beside you..

For all the time we’ve spent and for the future we dreamed,
I will always love you..


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