If I were a thing, in fact…

If I were a blue little cup, here I was trying to handle boiled coffee on my own
I couldn’t hear because my only ear was so tightly held
I couldn’t see because the coffee was so thick obscuring the view
In fact…

I was the one who held that blue little cup of hot coffee
I felt the heat burning my fingertips and tongue as well
Even I heard their every word, played back in mind, recorded them
I saw lie and anger, but then I learned how to argue as best they did

If I were a little bird that fell down from the highest branch
My wings was broken and I needed a helping hand of an angel
My only hope was just tweet as hard to call my mom up there
In fact…

I was its helping hand to even just put it aside the road
My heart also broken by its tears and softly voices
I wished I could go as soon as the wind just drop another one
But then, I was the only intermediary to its mom high above


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