Daun yang Jatuh tak Pernah Membenci Angin

Have you read my older post titled ‘Sepenggal Kisah Sepetik Daun’? Okay, then you must read that first before this one.
Daun yang Jatuh tak Pernah Membenci Angin is a kind of novel. I bought this book in ‘Galaksi Media’ with 20% discount. Then, what makes me want to own this book? Because it’s price is cheap? No no, of course no, this is because I see the material is close to the poem I mention above. It’s not about the whole story on this book, but the philosophy which has chosen by the writer.

“Daun yang Jatuh tak Pernah Membenci Angin”
Even Fallen Leaves Never Hate the Wind

These are words I love the most from this book:
“Daun yang jatuh tak pernah membenci angin. Dia membiarkan dirinya jatuh begitu saja. Tak melawan. Mengikhlaskan semuanya.”
Leaves that fell was never hated the wind. It let itself fall for granted. No fighting. Release everything in peace.

It’s about “Ikhlas”..
The most difficult thing to do in real life..
Hell yeah!
Even last sentence of my poem are,
Andai waktu melambat.. (If only the time goes slower and slower..)
Hoping is easier than releasing, isn’t it?!

The story of the book itself is about a jouney of poor girl in tough situation, how she survive with someone’s help and then develope herselves. She called him an angel, who save her. And how things become rather difficult when this girl love her angel more and more, but they were different 14 years of age.

Daun yang Jatuh tak Pernah Membenci Angin
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